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ExOne China is wholly-owned subsidiary of ExOne in China, in charge of equipment sales, customer service, 3D printing service in China. The type of foundry sand printer includes S-Max (L1800*W1000*H700 mm), S-Print (L800*W500*H400 mm), the characteristics are as follows:Respectively using the technology of furan resin, phenolic resin or silicate resinCan directly print out the sand core sand mold, don’t need to polishing treatmentSand mold forming precision is 0.3mm, casting finish is Ra12 (brush paint can reach Ra3~Ra6)Splicing sand mold maximum can reach 5*8 meters, the thin wall castings can be up to 1~3mm Applicable to all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting, plus special equipment can also cast aluminum magnesium a......